Ways to save money by spending more

saving money

Saving money by spending more sounds contradictory. But what if it's true though? Frugal living is has always been a popular lifestyle choice, both among the financially independent, as well as for those living paycheck to paycheck. However, often times choosing to pinch pennies only gives us the illusion of saving money. Truth be told, there are certain situations where spending more … [Read More...]

Everything You Need to Know About the Terms Small Caps and Mid-Caps in Stocks


Public companies (organizations listed on the stock exchange) are classified as large, mid, and small caps, where cap stands for capitalization. This classification is based on their market capitalizations and size. Small and mid-cap stocks have lower market capitalization and free float when compared to large cap stocks. Understanding market capitalization Market capitalization is the total … [Read More...]

A poor credit score will cost you a lot of potential benefits in life

credit score

A poor credit score is probably one of the worst financial disasters anyone can go through. It not only makes your financial status poor but also affects your lifestyle and your emotional being. It all starts like a game when you skip paying some bill but before you know it, your credit cards are maxed out and the nightmare begins. Here are some of the ways a poor credit score can damage your … [Read More...]

How should you deal with your finances to have a safe financial future?

In order to make your financial future safe and secure, you will have to make sure that you deal with your finances in the right way. You will have to know how much to save, where to invest, etc. … [Read More...]

What is a good CIBIL score to Apply for a Home Loan?

credit score

Your CIBIL score (credit score) plays a key role in determining your eligibility to get a home loan. Based on this score, your lender will determine whether your home loan application is approved or … [Read More...]

Why Credit Score is Important when Applying for a Home Loan

home loan

Buying a house is a cherished dream and to fulfill it, you work hard for years – whether to earn money or find that perfect abode where you can raise your family with pride and joy. However, many … [Read More...]

Everything You Need To Know About Tax Saver via NPS


Since the Finance Minister offered additional tax benefits for contributing to the National Pension System (NPS), the number of subscribers has increased significantly. The NPS is a defined voluntary … [Read More...]