Traveling for a Fraction of the Norm

Traveling for a Fraction

When you have decided to take your personal finances into your own hands, it is time to analyze every aspect of your life. Sometimes, analyzing what seems like should be simply an effortless, fun affair, is where you will find the greatest opportunities for cost-savings. Take vacation for example. In your previous life, you may … [Read More…]

Will Bad Credit Ruin My Christmas?

Bad Credit

If you’ve got a bad credit rating, then you may think that you are facing a bleak Christmas, particularly if you are short on money in the run up to the festive season. You’re not alone in this – there are hundreds of thousands of other people who’ve made mistakes in the past who are … [Read More…]

Spending A Frugal Christmas This Year


Christmas without gifts is somehow unimaginable. Gifts is one of the most essential element of Christmas Celebration. It is a nice way to celebrate this holy occasion but it comes with a price. Not all parents can afford the expensive and the huge number of gifts required for all the people they know starting from … [Read More…]

Effective money management for a fun filled Christmas


The much awaited festival is coming soon bringing in lots of hopes and happiness. Everyone of us wants to celebrate this occasion in a special manner. However, it is not always possible to enjoy and have fun and that too when our financial condition is suffering badly. So many of us might have a question whether there … [Read More…]

Dine out within your budget


Its always great to dine out. While dining out it feels good when the arrangement is as you wish, however it needs some cash. Dining out as a couple is costly, and it increases when friends and families are added into it . The bill tends to get over our estimation, or rather our budget. … [Read More…]

Tips to plan for a frugal vacation!

frugal vacation

A break from the monotonous working schedule is essential for psychological as well as physical rejuvenation. It seems to be a dream for many people to buy a home on the hill top amidst the field and bask in the sun along with their beloved. Although, it may not be possible to buy our dream … [Read More…]

Manage your personal finance – 10 Frugal tips to save money

frugal tips

Since the economic crisis devastated our economy, everyone has learnt the importance of managing personal finance and saving money. Most of us have now become conscious enough to save more money and secure our financial lives. 10 Tips which can help you save more money 1. Track the money before you spend: You should develop … [Read More…]

Trim your grocery expenses and save more

Trim your grocery expenses

Of late, you may have noticed that grocery prices have increased by leaps and bounds. The main reasons for sudden increase in grocery items include population explosion, changes in weather pattern as well as energy demands. Apart from this, food wastage has also been considered as one of the reasons in the increase of grocery … [Read More…]