Traveling for a Fraction of the Norm

Traveling for a Fraction

When you have decided to take your personal finances into your own hands, it is time to analyze every aspect of your life. Sometimes, analyzing what seems like should be simply an effortless, fun affair, is where you will find the greatest opportunities for cost-savings. Take vacation for example. In your previous life, you may … [Read More…]

How Much Money You Should Save


So many of us are wondering about this important financial questions of how much money we should be saving. It’s an important question to have the answer to, but the answer is not so simple. When it comes to how much money you should save, each person’s circumstances, goals and worldviews are different, which makes … [Read More…]

10 Ways to Save Money

Save Money

Securing your financial future starts with saving. Whether your goals are to meet your family’s needs, save for a better retirement, or buy a bigger house or faster car, saving is the most important way to ensure your meet your personal finance goals. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be hard. According … [Read More…]

Handy Tips to Manage Your Personal Finance

personal finance

In the recent economic downturn, almost all individuals are experiencing various financial hardships like job loss and wage reduction and thus, are struggling hard to manage the finances. In lieu of doing so, this large number of individual is incessantly falling into debt and getting compelled to pursue debt settlement or debt consolidation. Although both … [Read More…]

Money saving tips – Eliminate debt and enjoy a financially secured future

Money saving tips

Facing debt problems? Do you save money every month? Well, you actually don’t do so and this is why you have fallen into the debt trap. If you are too tempted to buy the lovely dress you’ve seen but do not have money, then you’ll definitely be swiping your credit cards. The worst part is … [Read More…]

Retirement Planning: Effective tips for savings


Planning for your retirement and that too when it comes to your finances, happens to be one of the most crucial things that you need to do. It’s actually crucial that you do your financial planning in advance as far as your golden years are concerned. Ensure that you don’t run into difficulties at a … [Read More…]

What should you do if you haven’t saved enough for retirement?


A recent study has revealed that there are around 38 million households which do not have any kind of retirement savings. If you do not have any kind of retirement savings, the golden years of your life will be in jeopardy and you will become dependent upon your children. In order to avoid this situation … [Read More…]

6 Modern ways to save your hard earned money

Save money

Since the economic crisis hit the market, most of us have realized the importance of money. This in turn has helped us know the importance of saving money for the impending future. Thus, many people have now made it a point to save certain part of their income every month to make themselves financially secure. … [Read More…]

7 Tips for teenagers to manage their personal finance

money saving tips for teenagers

It is very important to know and learn about managing personal finance. Every age group has its own necessities and demands and it is very important to manage personal finance as per those needs. As far as kids and teenagers are concerned, they have different needs. So, the way to handle their personal finances will … [Read More…]

Top Five Ways to Begin Saving More

Top Five Ways to Begin Saving More

Saving money is all about introducing some basic spending and fiscal responsibility changes. In the beginning, it may seem like a mission impossible but once you get used to setting some money aside and once you see those savings increase, you will feel even more motivated to succeed. Here are five of the simplest and … [Read More…]

Manage your personal finance – 10 Frugal tips to save money

frugal tips

Since the economic crisis devastated our economy, everyone has learnt the importance of managing personal finance and saving money. Most of us have now become conscious enough to save more money and secure our financial lives. 10 Tips which can help you save more money 1. Track the money before you spend: You should develop … [Read More…]