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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Effective money management for a fun filled Christmas

The much awaited festival is coming soon bringing in lots of hopes and happiness. Everyone of us wants to celebrate this occasion in a special manner. However, it is not always possible to enjoy and have fun and that too when our financial condition is suffering badly. So many of us might have a question whether there are any options available to enjoy this years Christmas without hammering the bank account.

You need to judge about affordability at the primary stage. You just cannot go out for a holiday trip that costs a lot. Its better to minimize your expenses on such vacations. This year Christmas could be different by celebrating at your place. You could decorate your place and also spend less on gifts by smartly planning to shop.


The true spirit of Christmas lies in spreading love and not just spending money on unnecessary items to fill up the house. It would be best on your part to embrace the idea of a frugal celebration without compromising on the enjoyments. A frugal Christmas would mean calling on friends at house, have your prayers, dine some favorite dishes and watch a movie together at your house.

What you need to smartly shop on Christmas is to get acquainted to online shopping and auctions. Ebay can be a great option to save a lot of money on Christmas gifts but be careful as many sellers try to earn huge profits by selling below the standard items. You can choose from hundreds of items and also compare the prices. However, don’t opt completely for online shopping. Remember its always good to do thrift shopping.

There are some stores where you could bargain so be sure to visit those stores as well.

On the day of Christmas you could arrange for foods that you are sure would come within your budget. And for this you do need to properly plan out a budget for the festivals. You could cook one of your favorite dishes which you think will go well with the day. And be sure to cook as much is required and not excess. There’s a lot of food that gets wasted on such occasions which actually does not make any sense. Also you could ask your guests to carry their own wine and your guests would not mind adding a bit of their part in the fun.

A special day does ask for some kind of entertainment and that might range from going out on a long drive to going to theaters for a movie. So why not do something different. You could buy some DVD’s of movies that you had missed or you would like to see again and again. All your friends could join you for the night and you all can enjoy a series of movies almost kinda film festival. It would be obviously a great plan rather than spending lots of money at theaters with added expenses on popcorn’s or wasting your money at the gas stations.

These small but effective tips can work out magic on your expenses as you will be able to save enormously and also will have fun on that big day. As said where there is a will there is a way and if we are determined to have fun along with savings then do follow the above mentioned tips and enjoy Christmas with lots of fun and excitement.

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